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Artiest Filmmuziek
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A Fateful Meeting (King Kong) [Newton Howard, James]

Anne Frank (Freedom Writers) [Isham, Mark]

Beatrix & Norman (Miss Potter) [Westlake, Nigel]

Becoming a Geisha (Memoirs Of A Geisha) [Williams, John]

Ben Takes The Stage/Dan's Burden (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

Bible Study (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

Bored With Widowhood (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Brokeback Mountain 1 (Brokeback Mountain) [Santaolalla, Gustavo]

Central Park (King Kong) [Newton Howard, James]

Charlie Wilson (Charlie Wilson's War) [Howard, James Newton]

Cinderella Man (Cinderella Man) [Newman, Thomas]

Dawn (Pride And Prejudice) [Marianelli, Dario]

Deportation/Iguazu (Babel) [Santoalalla, Gustavo]

Dinner Waltz (Lust, Caution) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Distilling Roses (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Down Over Lake Victoria (The Last King Of Scotland) [Heffes, Alex]

Elizabeth & Tony (The Queen) [Desplat, Alexandre]

End Credits (Munich) [Williams, John]

End Titles (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Epilogue (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Ethereal Piano Code (World Trade Center) [Armstrong, Craig]

Evan And God (Evan Almighty) [Debney, John]

Eva's Theme (Freedom Writers) [Isham, Mark]

Explosion (Closing The Ring) [Danna, Jeff]

Frank Lucas (American Gangster) [Streitenfeld, Marc]

Friend Truman (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Funeral (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Georgiana (Pride And Prejudice) [Marianelli, Dario]

Hatikvah (Munich) [Williams, John]

I Ain't Got Nobody (Be Kind Rewind) [Williams, Spencer]

I Knew Her (Notes On A Scandal) [Glass, Philip]

In The Time Of Cholera (Love In The Time Of Cholera) [Pinto, Antonio]

JB's Blues (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Justin's Breakdown (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Katie's Theme (1408) [Yared, Gabriel]

Kothbiro (The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Las Vecinas (Volver) [Iglesias, Alberto]

Laura's Murder (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Long, Long Time Ago (Pan's Labyrinth) [Navarette, Javier]

Love Theme (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) [Armstrong, Craig]

Love Theme (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus (The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) [Gregson-Williams, Harry]

Maetro (The Holiday) [Zimmer, Hans]

Main Title (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

Meeting Laura (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Monda (End Credits (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Omni (I Love Huckabees) [Brion, Jon]

Opening Titles (The Other Boleyn Girl) [Cantelon, Paul]

Opus 17 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Opus 23 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Opus 36 (Marie Antoinette) [O'Halloran, Dustin]

Overture (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Pajaros (My Blueberry Nights) [Santaolalla, Gustavo]

People's Princess I (The Queen) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Perfume - Distilled (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Persuading Tommy (Mrs. Henderson Presents) [Fenton, George]

Piano Theme (World Trade Center) [Armstrong, Craig]

Platoon Swims (Flags Of Our Fathers) [Eastwood, Clint]

Prologue (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

Proof (Proof) [Warbeck, Stephen]

Queen Katherine's Trial (The Other Boleyn Girl) [Cantelon, Paul]

Rachel's Theme (Black Book) [Dudley, Anne]

Safe Place (Infamous) [Portman, Rachel]

Sarah's Theme (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Shooting Star (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Snowdrop (Stardust) [Eshkeri, Ilan]

Stephane Visite Appart' (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stephanie Blues (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stephanie Quitte Le Cafe (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Stepping Stones (River Queen) [Jenkins, Karl]

Streets Of Paris (Perfume) [Tykwer, Tom] [Klimek, Johnny] [Heil, Reinhold]

The 3.10 To Yuma (3.10 To Yuma) [Beltrami, Marco]

The Chairman's Waltz (Memoirs Of A Geisha) [Williams, John]

The Devil Wears Prada [Shapiro, Theodore]

The Endless River (Black Book) [Dudley, Anne]

The Funeral (Pan's Labyrinth) [Navarette, Javier]

The Harts (Notes On A Scandal) [Glass, Philip]

The Inside Out (Cinderella Man) [Newman, Thomas]

The Introduction (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

The Lakes (Miss Potter) [Westlake, Nigel]

The Park On Piano (Finding Neverland) [Kaczmarek, Jan]

The Plan Begins (Charlotte's Web) [Elfman, Danny]

The Pony Boy (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

The Road To The Workhouse (Oliver Twist) [Portman, Rachel]

The Winner Is (LIttle Miss Sunshine) [Danna, Mychael]

Theme (Atonement) [Marianelli, Dario]

Theme (Eastern Promises) [Shore, Howard]

Theme (Evening) [Kaczmarek, Jan A. P.]

Theme (Ratatouille) [Giacchino, Michael]

Theme Generique Fin Golden (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Together We Will Live Forever (The Fountain) [Mansell, Clint]

Week-End De Ski (The Science Of Sleep) [Bernard, Jean-Michel]

Where Is Mr. Barrie? (Finding Neverland) [Kaczmarek, Jan]

Will And Amira (Breaking And Entering) [Yared, Gabriel] [Underworld]

Wong Chia Chi's Theme (Lust, Caution) [Desplat, Alexandre]

Youth Without Youth (Youth Without Youth) [Castro, Arturo] [Golijov, Osvaldo]